• Great British Spelt Recipes

    Sharpham Park have launched an initiative on, with spelt recipes from contributing chefs, food writers and critics, in partnership with Bowel Cancer UK, highlighting the need to eat a high fibre diet to help avoid bowel cancer.  Tom and Henry have donated their Spelt Soda Bread recipe to the collection.

    View the new website for Great British Spelt Recipes HERE

    April is Bowel Cancer awareness month.  Did you know:

    • Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK
    • it's on the increase
    • it's preventable
    • diet can play a crucial role in prevention
    • so get your Spelt on…

    If you want to know a little more about your own bowel health, and have a little chuckle, check out the Bristol Stool Form Scale Chart.  Stick the poster up in your loo, and see what a difference spelt in your diet can make to you!

    Tom was on Channel 5 news on Friday 5th April to talk about the launch of Sharpham Park's Great British Spelt Recipes, with Leona from Sharpham Park and Emma from Channel 5.

    And here's the interview on Channel 5 News

    Though we heartily recommend it, if you don't get a chance to make your own, you can buy Hobbs House Soda Seeds, which is made with Sharpham Park spelt flour, available individually in our shops and online, or in any of our bread boxes from our online shop.

    Tatler magazine featured in its Bystander pages an event for this launch at the Athenaeum Hotel, attended by the Herbert brothers.  Tom was nattering with Lisa Faulkner apparently.  Read the article and view the hobnobbing pictures on Tatler's website HERE

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