• Cheese Toasties

    Cheese Toasties

    Our Cheese Toastie stall is all about the ‘product’. We use the best local ingredients, including our own St Martin Sourdough Loaf baked by us in Chipping Sodbury using our 60-year-old Sourdough, Westcombe Vintage Cheddar, and a selection of high quality locally sourced meats.

    Our Toasties appeal to customers during all hours of the day, offering a delicious snack, for a very reasonable price.
 We also love to have a great time while serving our fantastic product, throwing a lot of energy and enthusiasm into what we do. This means that our customers don’t just get a great product, but an enjoyable experience too.

    This year our Cheese Toastie star is being taken around the country by youngest brother Archie. Having finished a business degree at Plymouth University, and being the 5th brother of a 5th generation bakery, he decided it was time to make his mark. So he has taken our family’s finest sourdough loaf made with our 60-year-old Sourdough to make the finest Cheese Toastie. He will be taking the Toastie stall to food and music festivals across the South throughout the summer.

    For Archie this is the perfect business to be growing as it allows him to pursue his love for creating and sharing good food, whilst doing so in a festival environment.

    Our Menu:

    Classic Cheese Toastie £5
(Sourdough Bread, Vintage Cheddar, Béchamel, Leek)
    18 hour Smoked Beef Brisket Cheese Toastie £6
    Wiltshire Ham Cheese Toastie £6
    Goats Cheese and Ale Chutney Toastie £6
    Hobbs House Bakery Chocolate Brownie £2

    Summer 2016 festival list:

    St Ives Food Festival May 14th – 15th May
    Radio 1’s Bog Weekend 28th – 29th May
    Grillstock Bristol 2nd – 3rd July
    Latitude 14th – 17th July
    Focus 23rd – 29th July
    WOMAD 28th – 31st July
    Wilderness 4th – 7th August
    Reading 26th – 28th August
    Big Festival 26th – 28th August
    Valley Fest 2nd – 4th September
    Chipping Sodbury Food Festival 9th September
    The Good Life Experience 16th – 17th September

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