• Could This Be Our Tastiest Loaf Yet?

    We have a new loaf for you, sometimes they come easily and sometimes like a good bread rising they just take time. Our latest loaf has been in the making since the end of last year. We have been working with our local millers, Shipton Mill to get it right. Just when you think you’ve reached perfection, you make a bigger batch and something changes, perfection is lost. That’s the very nature of sourdough, it’s only the expertise of our bakers that can bring consistency to our loaves. All the elements are changeable, from humidity, air temperature or the harvest of the flour. 

    So this new beauty derives from an ancient grain and is rolled in seeds for extra flavor and texture. The Kamut flour brings a darkness to the loaf and wholegrain flavour.

    Of course the development doesn’t end there, we have got this new little loaf staring up at us, we are already falling in love with it, but now we need to name it. A name doesn’t always come easily, loaves have been named after bakers, after grains or after villages. The origin of Kamut is from Egypt, neither stuck, Kamut, Kamooot or Kermit. Ancient grains sourdough, what does that mean anyway. So we bring you the rather imaginatively named Organic Seeded (not seedy) Sourdough.

    One thing we can promise you is that you are going to love it.  

    Buy our box of 6 loaves online or in any of our shops.

    Now available in our Sourdough Bread Box - a selection of our favourite sourdoughs.

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