• Sourdough Starter Recipe

    Sourdough Starter Recipe


    • 75g flour
    • 75g water



    1. Find a suitable container to house your sourdough starter, a kilner jar is good
    2. Clean it and weigh it while it's empty, noting the weight on an address label or tag (this saves you having to keep emptying and cleaning the jar)
    3. Weigh the flour and warm water into the jar and stir
    4. Leave your jar in a prominent and warm place
    5. Each day for a week repeat the process, feeding the sourdough starter with 75g of flour and 75g water and stirring well. Discard any excess sourdough (we recommend 100g at a time)
    6. After about 5 days you'll notice bubbles in the starter, you can use the culture at this stage, but it will be slow and weak