• David Herbert’s first Bristol bakery

    My father came to Bristol in 1953 with £2.00 in his pocket; he was married and had two young children.  His brother Joe already established as a baker gave him a flat above a shop in Speedwell and he set about finding work. The big road that ran by Speedwell was the Two Mile Hill that came from the centre of Bristol and made its way through the suburb of Kingswood and on to the famous Tog Hill.  There were six bakeries, three on either side of the road; he made his way up one side asking each bakery in turn if they needed a baker. They all said no, he made his way back and asked the same question in the remaining three, the answer was the same except for the last one. Mr Tart said he did not require a baker, however, he dearly wished to retire; would David consider taking on the business for a small weekly rent. That afternoon with Mr Tart standing as guarantor for all the suppliers, he had his own business, Herbert’s Bakery.