• Hiker bars

    In the autumn of 1998, we were with all 6 kids on a walking holiday in the Lake District. An important part of our hiking picnic featured a homemade fruit bar, made from our friend Val's recipe.  Hunks of treacly brown bread sandwiches, a handful of watercress, apples, all finished off with the buttery sweet cake, washed down with a thermos of coffee and hot chocolate for the children.  We mulled over the perfection of this confection, with the obvious conclusion that we needed to share it with the world.  Packed full of juicy fruit for a great energy hit right when you need it, this little secret was ready to be released on the world. The name was inspired that day as we looked down from the top of Hallin Fell onto the Howtown Hotel, with its cosy Hiker’s Bar.