• The beginning of stone ground wholemeal bread

    When Trevor Herbert was a lad, holidaying on the Isle of Wight, the family were astonished to find that the local Calbourne Mill loaf was made with flour from the Island, dispelling the common myth that no decent loaf could be made with just British wheat. The resulting loaf was heavier and more flavoursome than the bread derived from North American wheat, and all the better for it. So, from the 60's until today, the Organic Stoneground Wholemeal loaf has taken an incredible journey, while always remaining English: the impressive IoW flour was brought to Bristol and quickly attracted a loyal following. To meet the increased demand a mill was set up in Herbert's bakery; the wheat then coming from Suffolk. As sales grew a farm was bought on the Cotswold escarpment by David Herbert, Trevor's father so he could grow and then also mill his own English flour; and now finally the flour is milled at Shipton Mill, all to create this award winning loaf: the stoneground organic wholemeal.