• Why Sourdough?

    Sourdough bread is risen with naturally occurring airborne yeasts rather than commercial bakers’ yeast. In order to cultivate these natural yeasts a sourdough starter is used, this is simply a mixture of flour and water that naturally ferments over time. Free from additives, preservatives and commercial yeast, sourdough is bread in its purest form made from just flour, water and salt.

    Our sourdough starter has turned an impressive 65 years old this year whom we like to call the Mother and the hardest working employee in the bakery. Our sourdough journey began when we received it as a gift in 1955 from a baker in the Cotswold town of Tetbury who had brought it over from Germany after the war.

    Although it is possibly much older, having been held for generations in its homeland, we date it back to its entry into the UK. Since then it has been nurtured and cared for daily, each day some is taken out to bake the bread then it is replenished with fresh organic rye flour and water.