Trevor Herbert

Managing Director

"If baking could be said to be in the blood, from scraping sponge tins to understanding the power of fermentation from an early age laid the foundation for a lifetime of bread-baking passion”

 Learning the skills of the artisan in his father’s bakery, the revolutionary David Herbert’s in Montpelier, Bristol, Trevor went on to set up a flour mill at Crosshands Farm. Milling gave him a depth of understanding crucial to the making of world class bread. A strongly held Christian faith, a happy marriage, and six children, has kept him in touch with the needs of the new generation of bread pioneers at Hobbs House Bakery. Creating new breads, and restoring a shepherds hut and nurturing a 61 year old sourdough sum up his intent to salvage what is worth keeping, allied with a hunger to dream up ever more beautiful loaves. Trevor also teaches baking at our Cookery School and is our official photographer. Trevor is also a member of Families in Business

Trevor plans to hand over the day to running of the business to his son George. He will continue to share his wisdom in his new role as Chairman of Hobbs House Bakery.