Beetroot Cured Salmon

Beetroot Cured Salmon


  • 1 Side of organic salmon, pin boned
  • 400g Caster sugar
  • 1 Bunch of chopped dill
  • 200g Sea salt
  • 4 Beetroots, cooked, peeled and mashed up
  • Black pepper (to taste)



  • Mix your salt, sugar, pepper, beetroot & dill to form a paste.
  • With the salmon placed into a plastic container you want to rub the salt paste over the fish, make sure all sides are covered.
  • Pack the remaining mixture over the side and cover with clingfilm.
  • Place in the fridge and allow to cure for 2 days. It may need a turn after one day. When the salmon is feeling firmer but not too dry, take out of the container and brush off the salt paste.
  • Using a sharp thin knife carefully slice into thin strips.